Uproar As Stray Lion Killed In Kenya


People from all walks of life and from different corners of the world are crying foul after  rangers from the Kenya Wildlife Service shot a lion in Kenya after it had strayed from Nairobi National Park.

The lion, ‘Mohawk’ 13 years of age met his demise while he on the verge of establishing his own territory after being ousted out from its family by another male lion named Dick and wasn’t quite lucky as the park’s other four prides had already  occupied territories in the  park forcing him to look elsewhere.

Mohawk was spotted in Isinya town 15 kilometers south of the park on Wednesday at around 6 in the morning by residents who grew in numbers as they anticipated to have a glimpse of the beast.

As the crowd grew and started to become more rowdy, so did the lions’ agitation hence forcing it to charge while looking for a way out and in the process injuring a motorcyclist who seemed to be on it’s way.

It is in this that the Kenya Wildlife Service rangers decided to shoot the lion fearing that it would have caused more harm to the public.

Isinya deputy county commissioner David Kipkemei, who guarded the lion for close to six hours with regular and provincial administration officials, protested publicly when rangers killed it.

“We have been here all these hours protecting this lion. The rangers came with guns but we had suggested the lion should be sedated and taken back to Nairobi National Park.

They have now spoiled everything by killing the cat, this is wrong,” he said.

Kenya Wildlife Service came to the defence of it’s rangers saying the scenario would have ended in a better way had the public remained calm.


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