Why I Love Nairobi National Park

savanah backdrop

Nairobi National Park is truly a gem in our midst and should be treasured and preserved for our well being and for future generations. Here are just a few of the many reasons why i love this park.

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Uproar As Stray Lion Killed In Kenya


People from all walks of life and from different corners of the world are crying foul after  rangers from the Kenya Wildlife Service shot a lion in Kenya after it had strayed from Nairobi National Park.

The lion, ‘Mohawk’ 13 years of age met his demise while he on the verge of establishing his own territory after being ousted out from its family by another male lion named Dick and wasn’t quite lucky as the park’s other four prides had already  occupied territories in the  park forcing him to look elsewhere.

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21 Days Amnesty for Trophies Holders

Professor Judy Wakhungu

As Kenya prepares to burn the largest stockpile of ivory in history; The Kenyan cabinet secretary for environment, professor Judy Wakhungu has granted a 3 week amnesty for anyone who has wildlife trophies that are not licensed or do not have a permit issued from the Kenya Wildlife Service.

The amnesty will take effect as from 30th March 2016 till 27th of April 2016. Those who are holding any ivory,  rhino horn, trinkets, jewelry or any wildlife trophies have been requested to surrender them to the KWS director general at the KWS headquarters or also can be surrendered to the assistant directors at KWS regional offices in: Meru, Mombasa, Voi, Kitale, Nyeri, Marsabit and Nakuru.

Professor Wakhungu assured those who take advantage of the amnesty will not be punished.



As proof of her commitment to zero tolerance for poaching and in the trade in illegal ivory; Kenya is set to destroy 120 tonnes of ivory. This has been termed as the biggest stockpile to be ever burnt by any country in the world.


Ivory kingpin Feisal Mohamed’s bail overruled

A judge has overturned a magistrate’s decision to release on bond a trader charged with possessing ivory worth Sh. 44 million.

High Court Judge Martin Muya ruled that Mr Feisal Mohamed Ali, who had been freed on a Sh10 million bond, would remain in custody.

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Wildlife Warriors Assembled

It was an exciting day for wildlife enthusiast last Saturday, as those who were passionate about wildlife came out in numbers to be counted as wildlife warriors. The event aimed to call on the youth in taking up their role in conserving the countries wildlife for future generations and for those us who will be blessed to live a long life.

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